Sendiio Review by Joshua Zamora

Sendiio Review - In this article I review the new sendiio software. I want to introduce this new power software and in the end, I tell you about my experiences. It is the first autoresponder that combines the power of e-mail, text and Facebook messenger under one central dashboard with zero monthly fees. With sendiio customers can now tap into the 3 most profitable marketing channels in one place. You do not have to wonder if text is best email is best or facebook messenger is best. They all work and are all extremely profitable. With this power tool you can tap into all of them and maximize your profits. 

5 Upgrades to high-converting funnel

In the following section i present you the five options.

Sendiio Agency

Here u can give your customers full access to use the email, text and FB messenger automation with the list building features. They also get the AGENCY access on the FE, so they can also offer these 3 services to their clients. 

Sendiio Academy

In this bundle Joshua show your costumers how they can build their first 1000 subscribers in the next 14 day or less. They will get to know 10 different strategies to get free traffic that they can start using today and to generate as much traffic as they’d like and start building their list. 

Sendiio Elite

Joshua allow your customers to bypass the smtp set up process, so they can send email by using the powerful smtp servers of seasoned ip adresses. This will ensure they get higher, faster and more reliable delivery right out of the gate.

Sendiio Booster

Everyone know the unopens. But nobody cares about them. And this is a big mistake, cause one of the most powerful things when it comes to list marketing, is o send to your unopens. One of the unique things about sendiio is he ability to send to your unopens automatically when setting up your campaigns.

Sendiio VA Licence

You get access to your Va and can use it to start campaigns without compromising on your contacts.You are always able to send campaigns without anyone gaining access to your leads.

Boni upgrades

You will also receive 5 bonuses worth several hundred euros. 

Agency Access Included For a limited -time

With this bonus, your agency clients can offer 3 different services. For one thing, they can offer their customers a powerful e-mail marketing service, run profitable ms campaigns, and significantly increase their revenue and subscribers through automated Facebook Messenger marketing. This bonus ends on February 24.

Twitter Autoresponder Update

Before you join Sendiio, Joshua and his team still have a lot to plan for. There will be an update that will add the Twitter Direct Message Automation in 30 days. As a result, you always have the two largest social platforms handy and fully ready to use.

Ringless Voicemail Drops Update

In addition to the Twitter update, a further strong update is planned, adding ringless voicemail drops. Ringless voicemail drops are among the strongest form of marketing these days. This allows their customers to create campaigns that go directly to their customers ' most commonly used device. This allows them to retrieve texts as well as voicemails.

Live 90 Minute Training Session

To give you a sense of security, in addition to the strong software tool, there is a 90-minute workout in which we show you how to really get started with sendiio.

What advantages does Sendiio offer?

  • The Software is unique and new to the market
  • In Chart Week you can win up to 30.000$ 
  • With one tool you get 3 highly profitable services 
  • Recurring income funnel for long-term commissions 
  • Your Costumers will be able to create:
  • Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Unlimited Text Message Marketing Campaigns
  • Unlimited Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaigns
  • And so much more


To help you with the execution of Sendiio, i´d like to give you my best video courses for this topic if you buy Sendiio here. You´ll learn how to use the power of facebook groups to generate new customers for your business.

Traffic Booster

With the Traffic Booster i show you how you can run profitable Facebook and Google Ads Campaigns for your own prodcuts or for affiliate products (worth $ 399)

Warrior+ Secrets

In my Warrior+ Secrets video course you´ll learn how to find profitable affiliate products that sell (worth $ 497)


In my Facebook Group Strategy you´ll learn how to use Facebook Groups to generate leads or sell affiliate products automatically (worth $ 197)


Sendiio is a powerful software that combines 3 functions in one. With Sendiio, you can easily create and send campaigns. Whether it's emails, texts or Facebook messages. You have all 3 features in a dashboard and can choose which of these services you are using. You also have access to the STMP server, which provides more power and can dramatically increase your revenue as a result. Sendiio is an all-round tool and includes all the functions to be able to conduct efficient marketing. In will be there in Charter Week and will take part in the challenge.

Sendiio Review









Cost-benefit ratio


Suitable for beginners



  • Easy to use
  • All-In-One Marketing Software

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