Voicematic Review by Guillermo Mata

Voicematic Review - With the Voicematic software you will automate your business largely and optimize your time management. When you have a lot to do with clients, customers or partners, time plays an important role. With Voicematic, you can create automated messages to stay in touch with your partners, customers or clients and automate it all.


Who is Guillermo Mata?

Guillermo Mata is the father of 2 children and married. He programs software solutions and is an online marketer and helps his customers to grow their business.

Guillermo Mata experience

His Carreer

With his partner Dr. Ope Banwo, Guillermo Mata developed the software Voicematic at the beginning of 2018.

The idea behind it is to create a system to automatically send follow ups to clients and potential customers without having to do it manually in order to save valuable time.

What is the Voicematic Software?

Voicematic software helps you to automate your business. As entrepreneurs, we are focused on continually expanding and growing our business. We handle many tasks on a daily basis and then we get calls with business partners or customers.

voicematic review

A big hurdle, because often time is simply not enough. This is where the software comes in, it lets you automate your calls so you can focus on your important tasks.

You can also send out push messages to your potential customers to market your product.

How the software works exactly, you will learn in the next paragraphs, so read the review until the end.

The course content

The software is so pleasantly structured that with have a few clicks, your overview is available and can create your messages. You have listed everything clearly to be able to work effectively with this software.

voicematic review


The first feature is the Dashboard. Here you can find statistics about your incoming and outgoing calls. The advantage you have here is that you can analyze how often someone calls you.

This in turn has the advantage that you can figure out how much time a call costs you, which you could actually use for other tasks. For example, you can create a schedule (weekly) to optimize your time management.

Profile Information

Here you can specify your profile information and connect Voicematic with Twilio. Twilio is a cloud communication platform.

With Twilio, software developers can programmatically make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using the web service APIs.

A very ingenious combination. With Voicematic you create your messages, so to speak, whether by text or voice and Twilio will play them to your contacts.

Text to speech

Here you can create all your messages, either by text or voice. You can create any messages that are valuable to your contacts. For example, you will launch a new product in a few days.

You can now create a message where you make your contacts aware, then you set the time when this message should be sent and the delivery then happens automatically. Imagine, you have a customer list with 1000 numbers, how much time will it cost you to send a message manually to all?

This saves you a lot of time.
Furthermore, all messages are saved if you want to use them again in the future.

Follow Up

Now one of the most interesting feature of this software. You have all your incoming calls in a list, now you can choose by calendar what time you would like to call them back.

Here you can also set whether your messages should be played only on individual contacts or if you have a phone number list, you can upload this, select and then your list is played your message.

As I mentioned earlier, you save a lot of time here. Absolutely awesome. 😉

Call Logs

You're just at a meeting, you're just on a business trip or are on a relaxing holiday and you call 20 people a day. It may also be important calls, now you would have to call every single number and explain why you are not reachable.

Here are all calls listed, you can then upload this list, create a message, then automatically send out to this list, no stress, no time wasted and you are deeply relaxed. 😉

With the Voicematic Inbox conversations are recorded, if someone leaves a message, you can play these directly here, if they are important news.


If you have problems, questions or suggestions for improvement, you can contact the support directly.

In this section you will also find tutorial videos on every topic to better understand and implement the software.


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An important reason why entrepreneurs are so successful is because they have perfect time management.

If you want to grow your business, optimize your time management, this software is your solution. She is the only one of her kind on the market.

With this software, you not only save a lot of time, but can also create campaigns to achieve sales and automatically increase your sales.

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voicematic review









Cost-benefit ratio


Suitable for beginners



  • Automate messages
  • Optimize time management
  • simple to handle the Software
  • Support answers promptly
  • Video Tutorials for every Function

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