Instagram University 2.0 Review by Niklas Pedde

Instagram University 2.0 Review by Niklas Pedde - The following review is about the online course Instagram University 2.0. by Niklas Pedde. Instagram University 2.0 is an online course that deals purely with Instagram strategies and shows numerous options for how you can earn money via this platform. You manage to generate followers so that you can almost watch the followers grow.


What is the Instagram University 2.0?

This course is very good for beginners, because Niklas Pedde has set up this online course so that you can follow his instructions well and without much effort from the start, step by step.

First of all, Niklas Pedde's speaking speed is medium-fast. For the fact that he presents with Power-Point in "German", he speaks very fluently and without brakes in English.The layout of Instagram University 2.0 is solved very nicely and is very easy to use. I personally liked the structure of the course and Niklas' instructions:

niklas pedde

One of these instructions is, among other things, to watch the course at least twice in order to really understand the valuable, comprehensive content firstly and secondly not to miss anything.

Welcome Chapter

In the first part of the welcome chapter, Niklas Pedde welcomes you to his online course and prepares you for a good mindset. Then you will be asked questions about your desired goals.

e.g. (slightly modified)

1. Do you want to build a personal brand or a normal brand?

2. Which niche is suitable for you?

3. How do you want to make money?

4. Are there already products? This means whether there are already own products to be sold or do you want to do affiliate marketing?

5. Visualize: Where do you want to be in the next few months.

Instagram Secrets

You can then continue to Instagram Secrets at a sporty pace and you can already win some valuable tips here. At the beginning there is a preparation with your own explanatory video and the agenda.

With a proper Instagram analysis, you will learn how to set up and create your personal / normal account. The next step will explain in detail how to maximize your account with followers.

Niklas Pedde really takes you by the hand and explains which points to look out for when posting, stories, hashtags, videos and even IG TV.

Many important factors play a role, such as the right timing and how often you should post something. How to tell and use stories correctly and really build the relationship with your followers.

As mentioned several times in most online marketing courses, this also suggests how important it is to create a customer avatar. But since it is not just any platform, but "Instagram", it is clear that we have to create a "DREAM" follower as a "customer avatar".

Therefore, it is also important to think about the value of the following for each post, hashtag, etc. This is the foundation for Instagram Secrets.

Further information

One thing has to be said, Niklas Pedde shows you some important points that you have to test yourself to see which ones work best for you.

Bonus strategies are also shown that can push follower growth significantly, apart from paid promotions.

Brand building secrets

Step 1: Build a follow-up

Step 2: Turn your followers into real fans who really care about the person behind them


Telling stories = positioning yourself as a brand

Niklas Pedde gives you a clear understanding of how to find and stick to your own common niche so that you can then make money.

You have these possibilities to establish yourself as a brand:


Videos / IG TV




Live streams

Direct communications

What is shown most often are Niklas Pedde's accounts.

Money Making Secrets

Here you will be shown how to use different strategies.

To name a few:

Sell affiliate products

The possibility of having companies pay for stories

1: 1 coaching

$ 36k strategy

This is my favorite chapter, this is Niklas Pede speaking, really collected and in a comfortable speaking speed (here he slows down the pace a bit ^^) about exactly the most interesting strategy in the whole course. Of course, he tells you that the basic requirement for this is a mastery of the previous chapters.


In my Bonusbomber package i will give you my additional strategies where i show you how i use my strategies to make money online.

Just make sure to get the Instagram University 2.0 via this link and you will also get my bonusbomber package

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Niklas Pedde speaks with great engagement and enthusiasm, so as not to ramble too much or to kill you with information, you often hear him say "blablabla ..." ^^, but that doesn't bother because he offers good, accurate and sharp content and my personal opinion is; to watch the course several times.

Of course, it may be too fast for the one or the other in terms of speaking speed, but that is probably exactly what he wants to achieve by reviewing the first chapters because he ignites like a rocket.

Rather towards the end of the 36k $ strategy chapter, he slows down from speaking speed He shows a lot about his own accounts, which makes it easier to imitate his methods step by step.

If you then take a closer look at the last videos, you will see a leak such as. "Underground Money Making Secrets, Instagram Masery Ignite, 1% Club Video Training ... .. etc.

Overall, Instagram University 2.0 is a very promising project with a very young man, who gives material with passion, verve and knowledge.

Instagram University

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