First Launch Profits Review by Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson

First Launch Profits Review - In this article I review the First Launch Profits. I want to introduce this new product and in the end, I tell you about my experiences. If you've discovered the First Launch Profits and are considering buying it, just stay tuned and read this article. On my YouTube channel, I also published a video by showing how it works. With my link you get some bonuses.If you're someone trying to make serious money online, with First Launch Profits you can now earn your primary or secondary income. We will tart by analyzing the program and how it can really help you...

Who is Hafsteinn?

Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson is the founder of First Launch Profits, began his online marketing journey after deciding to create his own marketing platform for educational purposes. Like any of us, he was on the road to many tries and mistakes, and on his journey he realised the fact that he had all the right ideas, but a wrong approach after spending a large amount online.

He was initially afraid to explore the market and avoided making the bigger commitments. He, too, feared losing. Again, that didn't go down well because he lost more than he had won. He eventually chose the risk, investing $2,500.00 of his income. He learned to make information products. Despite having doubts about the survival of his online information business, he has weathered the hard part after six months. He earned his first $5,000.00 online.

His journey has only flourished since then, and he applied and studied that he mastered his field. But that didn't prevent him from succeeding. He wanted to tell the world that he could develop the First Launch Profits Review program.

Why is it worth buying First Launch Profits?

Has it ever thought about selling about the money people could make online by just selling information? If you don't know yet, information is one of the best-selling products on the internet. Products that sell information can be described as the fastest growing product sector. In this age of information, new information is always being sought. Ebooks, information videos, applications that help people solve daily problems can be sold online like hotcakes. The first program to review the profit forecast gives you just that. With this program you only make people's lives easier and what would you get in return, loyal customers!

What is First Launch Profits?

As I mentioned in this First Launch Profits Review, The First Launch Profits is a comprehensive, step-by-step system that lets you launch your first information product that can lead you to financial success online. "Can't I do it myself?," This could be your next thought, trust me as part already in business. The hardest part of acquiring online is the part where you are perceived online. Knowing you're doing the right things at the right time can easily fail. After all, around 90% of online business fails within 120 days.

First Launch Profits

So you see, the odds here are not very tempting or encouraging. Most things in life about happiness when it comes to affiliate marketing, happiness doesn't matter much if you don't know the method. With a bit of luck, you might earn something that can compare to what you don't actually want to do. With First Launch Profits, Hafsteinn shows Thor Thordarson how he can make money online (how he made himself) by selling simple information products online.

What does the First Launch Profits course include?

As you enter the First Launch Profits course, you'll mostly learn what not to do so you don't make mistakes that make most online marketers that cause them to fail in the long run. For our research, we found at the First Launch Profits Review that the program includes 46 lessons covering over 10 hours of video content.


Lesson 1: Why make an information product? Part 1

lesson 2: Why should you make an information product? Part 2

lesson 3: Why should you make an information product? Part 3

lesson 4: Can you really make money on the internet?

Lesson 5: But I'm Not an Expert

Lesson 6: But I'm Not a "Technical Person"

Lesson 7: Overcoming the Prolification

Lesson 8: What Is an Information Product?

Lesson 9: Aren't their free content online?

Lesson 10: What is the right information product for you?

Lesson 11: My First Information Product

Lesson 12: Find Your niche

Lesson 13: Market Research-JVZOO

Lesson 14: Market Research-Clickbank

Lesson 15: Market Research-Adwords

Lesson 16: Decision-Making

Lesson 17: Brainstorming

Lesson 18: Find Your Interested

Lesson 19: How to Create an E-Book

Lesson 20: How to Create an Online Course

Lesson 21: How to Create Different Information Products

Lesson 22: Branding

Lesson 23: So What Now?

Lesson 24: Automation

Lesson 25: Sales Page

Lesson 26: Download Page

Lesson 27: Partner Page

Lesson 28: Copywriting

Lesson 29: Outsourcing

Lesson 29: Outsourcing Creation

Lesson 31: Page Creators

Lesson 31: Create a Website

Lesson 32: Domain and Web Preparation

Lesson 33: Funnel

Lesson 34: Joint Venture

Lesson 35: Author's Story 36: Partner

Lesson 36: Start Promotion

Lesson 38: Setting a Product on JVZOO-Part 1

Lesson 39: Setting a Product on JVZOO-Part 2

Lesson 40: Contact Partners-Part 1

Lesson 41: Contact to Connected Companies-Part 2

Lesson 42: Setting Up a Product at Clickbank

Lesson 43: Feedback

Lesson 44: Email Marketing

Lesson 45: Traffic

Lesson 46: Coaching

What do I learn after this course?

When you're done with lesson 46, you'll know the following

How to actually make money online and not fail:

According to First Launch Profits Review test reports, learn how to find your prospects and your market, get partners on board, use a domain URL Buy, maintain traffic, overcome procrastination, etc. You will do it Learn to be your own boss and earn money like a boss!

Easier product creation:

Learn how to create an e-book, online course, sales page, website, partner page, and download page.

To create a product even if you're not an expert:

To make money online, you don't need to be an expert or have technical skills.

What information products are: 

The basic information and understanding of information products. And answers to questions like what they are, why you should create one and how to choose the right one for you. You will also receive a personal plan of success from the creators and the first lessons he learned when entering the market.

Marketing and launch strategies:

Whatever you sell, it's very important to know the waters you want to test. The First Launch Profits program will inform you about market research, text creation, outsourcing, website creation of software, sales channels, branding and email marketing start advertising strategies, etc.

The right time and place to sell the product: The grower will teach you to sell your product in the most popular marketplaces and with the positioning methods so that your product can be easily noticed. This is very important for beginners.

First Launch Profits Bonuses

People who wish to participate in the First Launch Profits program will have access to the creator's first information product. You'll also get access to his "First Product Introduction" e-book: How I crushed it with my first digital product launch. Members will also be given the chance to ask questions directly to Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson.

Free Ebook #1

First Launch Profits

your own social media profile is a big step as it helps you get in touch with your fans and you'll be able to understand what they expect from your services. It doesn't matter what your goal is, but the end result is that you want to make your profits. Without a social media follow-up, you can't really succeed as an entrepreneur at this time.

Free Ebook #2

First Launch Profits

to what many people believe, your own product isn't limited to the many ways to make more money by using a "license" associated with an info product you can buy online. These are known as private label rights.


To help you with the execution of First Launch Profits, i´d like to give you my best video courses for this topic if you buy First Launch Profits here. You´ll learn how to use the power automation, of facebook groups to generate new customers for your business and much more.

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Traffic Booster

With the Traffic Booster i show you how you can run profitable Facebook and Google Ads Campaigns for your own prodcuts or for affiliate products (worth $ 399)


In my Facebook Group Strategy you´ll learn how to use Facebook Groups to generate leads or sell affiliate products automatically (worth $ 197)

I will show you how you can use Instagram to get highly targeted Instagram Traffic to your websites (worth $ 297)


In my opinion, the course lives up to its name. This course is perfect for beginners as well as advanced. You'll learn the basics it needs to start with the online business. But you also learn what mistakes you are not allowed to make. That's a big difference from traditional courses. Because here you get to know both sides. You get to be explained in an understandable way what really matters in the Internet Business and what you can learn from each other's mistakes.

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First Launch Profits

First Launch Profits








Cost-benefit ratio


Suitable for beginners



  • Easy to use
  • All-In-One Marketing Course
  • Step by step system

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