Video App Suite Review by Paul Ponna

Video App Suite Review - With the Video App Suite you have the opportunity to become an absolute expert in video design / animations without much previous knowledge. With just a few clicks, professional results can be achieved in the area of branding, video ad, image creation and much more. With this knowledge and these apps, you can help others who have problems with them and make good money on the side.


Who is Paul Ponna?

Paul started his own software company and worked every free minute while he was still studying.

Each day has a limited number of hours so Paul Ponna serached for a solution to his problem. He read various books on topics such as time management, motivation and productivity.

After he had successfully implemented the stuff he learned, he built successful SaaS businesses after about 2 years after founding his software company.

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His Carreer

Today Paul Ponna is #1 Affiliate Marketer on the JvZoo Plattform. He has a Team with different software developers. They develop softwares, that simplify online marketing.

He took this opportunity and built up an affiliate business that he could run from home.

What is the Video App Suite?

Here you have the opportunity to create various animation videos that not only strengthen your branding, but through the professional results, take your business to the next level.

video app suite review

The course content

With the Video App Suite, you play in the big league, in the league of video designers. The Video App Suite includes 8 different apps that can create professional intros and outros, create branding logos, create mockups, and more. Furthermore I will go into all the apps and show you what their function is, so be sure to read this review to the end.

video app suite review

Intro Outro Expert

With this app, you can create intro and outro short videos and bring them to life professionally. With various templates, you can create new branding logo `s, provide them with background sounds and finish the masterpiece.

The really cool thing is, the implementation only takes a few clicks and boosts your videos, for example, on Youtube enormously. 😉


Create Facebook Video Covers. Video covers are proven to increase your Sales via Facebook and make you look like an authority!

Live Mock Up

With the Mock Up App, you can pack your logo into a short video scene. This not only increases attention, but also delivers incredible results. A perfect way to position your brand on social media.

Slide Machine

With the slide machine, you can transform several pictures into a kind of video, you can create texts in them, create clean and good-looking transitions and decorate them with matching background music.


With this app you can effortlessly create story messages on Instagram and Facebook. These not only look high quality, but also increase the attention of your viewers.


With the WhiteBoarder you have the opportunity to make your video advertising professional, for example, if you do not want to be present in the video, this app is the perfect alternative.

Video Ads Architect

With the Video Ads Architect app you can create strong ad videos that work well on social media. These video formats will give mobile users a better viewing experience, which will drive more clicks and sales.

Custom Video Fx

With this app, you take your videos to the next level. This is for users who want to spice up their existing videos and turn boring videos into amazing high quality videos!

With just a few clicks, you can add text effects, animations and emoji's that fit your needs. You can also convert your videos to landscape, square, portrait / vertical social media videos.

Premium Apps

Paul Ponna has even more apps on offer, these will of course be extended and optimized. In the following I will show you the premium apps and how they work and you can use them for you.

Realtor Video Machine

This app is suitable for real estate agents. Here you can create a portfolio for a property, simple and meaningful, so you increase the interest and your sales will explode.

Motion Text Animator

This is an excellent app, here you can create an incredibly strong animation, for example, you can turn a short video here, for example, if you want to launch a new product and you want to draw attention to this launch.

You can also strengthen your branding here by animation.

Healthcare VideoFX

For companies in the health sector, there is of course an interesting app. Here you can all the advantages that your company has or all solutions to your customer problem by animation represent and thus convert curious prospects into customers.

Local Video Turbo 

This app is a kind of an extension for local businesses. To stand out from the crowd of your competition, this app will definitely help you. With just a few clicks, you can create a great looking animation that pushes up your local business and converts prospects into customers.

Image Editor

If you want to create quality images, but Photoshop is too cumbersome, then you can use the image editor to create simple and powerful conversion images that perfectly match your brand, your branding or your offers.

With this you make sure that you generate new customers at the push of a button and shoot up your sales.


That was not it yet. Now comes the sledgehammer. 😁🔨

You get the license to continue to market these apps and earn money with them. Furthermore, I'll give you one more tip from me.

With these apps, you also have the opportunity to help others, if someone needs a good animation video, you can easily create it and deserve it. 

You do not have to be a pro for that. I have tested this myself and i have a new cash flow source.

In addition, there is also a training module, where you not only get valuable information on how best to deal with the individual apps, but also on the subject of traffic, social media, search engine and retargeting


I will give you my Bonusbomber package! With this package, you get my best Strategies, to boost your Business to the next Level.

When you get the Video App Suite here, you will get my carefree package for free. Just write a mail to and I´ll send you the bonus courses 😃

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With the Video App Suite, you have a powerful weapon in hand, where you can create incredible animation videos in just a few clicks.

You can use it for your own business, or as an influencer for others, you can create such videos, not just earning cash, but building up a great business. I use these apps myself for my business and am absolutely excited about it. Im selling my videos and whiteboard videos made with the Video App Suite on freelancer plattforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

I can only recommend you to use the video app suite by Paul Ponna. You can also build up an Affiliate Marketing Business and earn very good commissions on resale.

P.S .: If you get the course here, you'll get my bonusbomber package for free 😉

video app suite review

Video App Suite








Cost-benefit ratio


Suitable for beginners



  • really good Apps
  • Training Moduls
  • Reseller License
  • Deluxe Templates
  • everything you need to run a Video Agency

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