Ecom Elites Review by Franklin Hatchett

Ecom Elites Review – In this ecommerce dropshipping online course Franklin shows you how he sets up a profitable dropshipping online shop in 30 days. With Franklin Hatchetts eCom Elites course, you can build a business by using Franklins dropshipping strategies and build your own profitable online shop.


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Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Two years ago, Franklin was just like you and me. He had dreams and wanted to turn them into reality. He worked hard and learned all the secrets and methods in online marketing. He built a successful online business and dominated the market with his online marketing strategies.

Franklin Hatchett Review

Initially, the Ecom Elites was only intended for his friends who wanted to know his methods. Over time, the platform grew and today it is one of the best e-commerce learning platforms. This was even awarded in an Entrepreneur magazine. He wants to help other people build a successful online dropshipping & E-Commerce business as well.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce, offering retailers the theoretical opportunity to enter mail order, sell their items or expand their business without major investments in warehousing and logistics.

An example

A customer orders a console game in an online store. The online retailer receives the order and forwards it to a wholesaler for logistical execution. The latter, in turn, carries out the delivery on behalf of the trader. For the customer, he often does not appear at all. Rather, he feels that he has received all the services from a single source, i.e. from the trader. 

What is the eCom Elites course?

Ecom Elites is an online video course by Franklin Hatchett. It shows you in 9 modules how to build a successful dropshipping business. From finding a product to the traffic sources to scaling and optimizing your business.

Ecom Elites Review

You will learn about different steps and methods that Franklin has worked hard to develop over the past few years. These step-by-step instructions allow you to implement one-to-one steps, so you'll  save a lof of time of trying and research.

The course tells you exactly what you need to do to finally succeed with your online business. Everything you need for your online business can be found in the eCom Elites.

Which modules await you?

Module 1 – Setting Up Your Store: In this module you will learn how to set up your shop. With the help of Shopify, you can set up your own online shop within a short time and without any effort. Franklin shows you what to look for and gives you useful tips and tricks that make working easier. You will learn how to upload a theme, add products to the shop and make your website customer-friendly.

Module 2  - Sourcing Products & Research: In the second module, Franklin shows you how to effectively search for the right product. He shows you an overview of the most profitable products and shows you how to find the right supplier for you. You'll also learn about useful tools and pages that will make it easier for you to find the products.

Module 3 - Facebook Traffic: In this module, you'll learn how to successfully generate traffic using Facebook. It helps you understand Facebook and shows you what to look for on Facebook advertising. You'll get a step-by-step guide to create your own advertising campaign to increase your traffic.

Module 4 – Instagram Traffic: Instagram is also great for attracting customers. Franklin Hatchett shows you the strategies with which he has gained numerous customers via Instagram in recent years and what you have to pay attention to.

Module 5 – Email Marketing Blueprint: Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to provide valuable content to your prospects in the long run to become customers. You just have to know how to do it. In this module, you'll learn how to collect emails from your prospects, how to send emails to your customers, and advanced methods to improve your email marketing.

Module 6 – ChatBot Profits: A chatbot has many advantages. Unlike customer service, it is always online. This allows him to relieve the service and answer frequently asked questions. ChatBots make a lot of sense in an online store, as visitors often have questions about the products. Franklin shows you in this module how to integrate such a chatbot to your shop and what you have to pay attention to.

Module 7 – Building Sales Funnels: With a sales funnel, you can understand your customers' journey. This is very important for your online business. You will learn how to build an effective Sales Funnel and what possibilities there are in this module.

Module 8 – Google Ads: In this module, Franklin shows you the advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads. He also compares Google to Facebook ads and shows you why you should definitely use Google Ads. You will receive a step-by-step guide, which you can then implement for yourself in the same way.

Module 9 – Google Organic SEO Traffic: In this module you will learn why SEO can be useful for your online shop. Franklin shows you how to find the right keyword for you, build backlinks, optimize your shop with SEO and gives you many more SEO tips.

Bonus module – Increase Sales & Secret Videos: In this bonus module, Franklin Hatchett gives you the mysterious strategies he has been using for years. In this module, you'll learn how to increase your revenue in just a few steps, how to make well-converting Facebook pages, and how to sell more products to your customers.


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Franklin Hatchett knows what he's talking about. Over the years, he has acquired a great deal of knowledge with effective methods in online marketing. This ecommerce online course is worth the price. This is a wide-ranging course that is suitable both for someone who wants to build their first shopify business and for someone who wants to increase their sales.

eCom Elites is very user-friendly and well designed. The content is very helpful and I was able to learn a lot about building an online shop. Actually i was able to generate more than 4k in revenue using the strategies for 2 months.

What did i learn?

Especially in the second module I got to know a lot about finding a product and about the market. I've learned what is important for a successful product and how market it right. Furthermore I got a lot of help from the other members during the Q&A sessions in the exclusive Facebook group.

I can only highly recommend the Ecomelites course to anyone with a serious interest in building a profitable Ecommerce Shop.

Ecom Elites Review

Ecom Elites








Cost-benefit ratio


Suitable for beginners



  • Step-by-Step Dropshipping Course
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Very simple to start and score the first results
  • Support answers promptly
  • Video Tutorials for every Step


  • No live calls

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