Commission Hero Course Review from Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero Review - Today I want to share my experiences with the Commission Hero Course by Robby Blanchard. In the course, Robby shows you how to build a successful business. You not only get his expert knowledge at your disposal, but also a step by step introduction to the hand, including various bonuses.


Who is Robby Blanchard?

After graduating, he discovered his passion for fitness. In addition, he developed symphony for online marketing and developed his Facebook expertise.

He opened his gym, CrossFit Reach, and it was not long before he realized that the Customers are not coming without the right Marketing.

So he started to experiment with paid advertising on Facebook… and found out, that he is a talent.

Through years of testing Facebook advertising ads, he was able to achieve extremely good results, and turned his Business into one of the best and profitable ones in the country.
Robby Blanchard course

His Career

Other business owners started approaching him for help scaling their businesses, so Robby obliged and created his online coaching program, “Rx Business Ignition”.

After coaching his client successfully, he made the Step from fitness gym owner to a full time online marketer.

From there, it was only a matter of time until other online business owners in the fitness space started barking up Robby’s tree for help scaling up their traffic. Nowadays Robby is the #1 Clickbank Affiliate.

What is the Commission Hero Course?

If you've already heard of online marketing, you're curious about how it all works or you already have a business, but it's not profitable then this course will show you, how to make your business more successful.


Here's a step-by-step tutorial where Robby Blanchard accompanies you from start to finish, all the way to your destination.

This course has been divided into 12 modules Robby, in addition to lucrative strategies you will also find valuable tips and tricks in the technical field and various hacks. 

As the whole thing looks exactly, I'll take a closer look at the following sections, so be sure to read my review through to the end.

The course content

Robby Blanchard


In this module, Robby Blanchard greets you and shows you his gratitude and is glad that you give him his trust.

Getting Started

Starting with this Course in the theory, this is where Robby tells you exactly what you need to know.

Here you will learn what affiliate marketing is, how you can use platforms like Clickbank and MaxWeb for you and what tools you need for it, such as Clickfunnels.

choosing right offers

To become successful with Affiliate Marketing, you need the right offer.

But with so many platforms it is difficult to find the right one.

This is where Robby takes you by the hands and gives you valuable tips on how to find your suitable offer.

Find your Ad Image

In order to promote your affiliate product in the best possible way, you have to create the appropriate advertisement, which also requires finding an appealing image.

It is essential for an advertisement. How exactly you find your matching image will be shown in this module.

Setting Up a Landingpage

If you already have your own product and want to market it, you need a well converting landing page.

But not just any landing page, there are many things to look out for when creating a landing page.

Here you get many valuable tips on what you have to pay attention to.

Setting up Facebook

Before you can market your product or an affiliate product via Facebook, you need a Facebook account.

Again, there are many things you have to consider.

But do not worry, this module will give you a step-by-step guide from A to Z that you can easily implement for yourself.

Setting up Facebook Pixel

One of the strongest Hack`s on Facebook is the pixel.

What exactly is behind it and how you can use the pixel perfectly for you, is shown here.

You should definitely use this hack to make your campaign as successful as possible.

Tracking your Campaign

The next important hack in online marketing is tracking.

With this tracking you can exactly understand where your target group is. You can analyze your ad exactly to optimize it.

Thus you bring out in the end again the last potential from your advertisement.


If you are already generating with your ad and achieving the first success, you have reached the point where the fun really starts.

Scaling now gives you the power to grow your ad and earn even more revenue and achievements.

Ninja Tactics

The best thing about online marketing is that there are many online marketers in the world. You can learn from them. You should never see other marketers as competitors, it is advisable to connect with other marketers.

Not only good partnerships but also friendships, quite honestly, what is better than successful business and partnerships that make you personally the maximum.


This bonus module is a goldmine. After Robby has tested umpteen of landing pages and invested thousands of dollars to create the perfect landing page, you do not have to figure it out yourself.

You simply get your most successful funnel. You can find out how to secure it in this module.

Spotlight Offers

As you know with certainty, online marketing is constantly evolving, with more and more new ideas and offers.

There are so many incredibly good deals that are not available to the public. But Robby is constantly working to provide a good deal for its customers.

In this module you get two ingenious offers from him.

My results

I am grateful for the opportunity to write a review for this course. This holds everything he promises.

I have been in the online marketing business for 6 years, but with this course I have learned a lot. If one compares the online marketing from Germany with that from America, the Americans are about 10 years ahead of us Germans.

It is unbelievable what is possible.


I will give you my Instagram Traffic Strategy where i show you my best working instagram strategies step-by-step. You can copy them and use them for your business!

When you get the Commission Hero course here, you will get my Instagram Traffic Strategy for free. Just write a mail to and I´ll send you the bonus course 😃

Commission Hero review


For those who already have a business or want to start a business, I strongly recommend the Commission Hero course by Robby Blanchard.

He is not for nothing America's number one Clickbank affiliate and not only that, he enjoys the maximum respect in the scene.

Big companies seek help from him and his team. He manages to build up like no other projects from 0 and to guide them with maximum success.

P.S .: If you take the course here, you'll get my Instagram Traffic Strategy for free 😉


Commission Hero








Cost-benefit ratio


Suitable for beginners



  • Clickbank Affiliate #1
  • perfect Strategies
  • step by step manual
  • huge expertise
  • some special Features


  • a bit pricey

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