Passive Affiliate System Review by Andy Hafell

Passive Affiliate Review - Andy Hafell is a top affiliate and uses simple YouTube videos to generate his income. In the Passive Affiliate System course you will learn how Andy Haffell is setting up his projects and you can copy his whole strategy. I show you in my review how im using Andy Hafell´s strategies to create a full time income online ...


Who is Andy Hafell?

Andy is not a well-known online marketer. What is often perceived as negative is an advantage in the world of online marketing. Because unlike all the Internet gurus, he practices the methods he recommends.

passive affiliate system andy hafell

He worked on his systems and then published it. The proof that his methods continue to work is his YouTube channel. There, he regularly uploads YouTube videos. These also seem to be well received by his community.

What is the Passive Affiliate System?

Andy Hafell's system is not hard to execute. Everything you need to know is splitted into certain levels. You'll be able to build up a passive income even if you've only uploaded a few videos to your channel. The goal of the Passive Affiliate System is to generate recurring revenue over months and to create a system so you can scale your income. Once you have purchased the course, you will have access to all the videos in the members area. There you will get step by step instructions what you need to know about passive revenue from YouTube videos. For example, you'll learn how to choose a niche, create videos, and then market your videos.

Andy Hafell

The course is intended for all those who want to make money with affiliate marketing. For example, with advertising for products, where you will receive a commission. This course isn't about you running Google AdSense ads on your videos. It's about you earning your money when you upload the videos. So you will extra money through advertising. You'll be getting paid even years after uploading.

With the Passive Affiliate System you have plenty of room for your own creativity. In your niche you can express yourself. The basis for this, however, is that there are also affiliate products for your niche that you can promote. For example, so that you earn money as fast as possible, you'll get valuable tips for writing YouTube descriptions to make sure you are beeing found in the video search engine. And the best part is: you don't have to show yourself in front of the camera. You don't need to create a personal video, but you can steal videos legally from your competitors.

Which modules are included?

These are the lessons you will be going through. Each lesson consists of many different components:

Andy Hafell Passive Affiliate 2019

Week1 – Hot Niches & Even Hotter Affiliate Programs

The first week of the Passive Affiliate System is about finding your own niche and the right products. Andy explains step by step what a niche is and how to find the right niche for your channel. Then it's about how you find the right affiliate product for your niche. The final step is keyword research so that you have a suitable search term so that people can find you.

Week2 – Optimize The Channel and Make it Pretty

For people to stay with you, the second week is about you optimizing your channel. Andy tells me the most important factors of a successful YouTube channel. These include the name, the banner and the logo. You'll also get valuable tips for your video descriptions, links distribution, and YouTube tags.

Week3 – Start Making Easy Passive Affiliate Videos

So that you can earn money with your videos, the third week is about how you produce lucrative affiliate videos. Andy tells you the perfect video script, what matters when it comes to thumbnail and title, what tags you need to use, what your description should look like and how you should design your video.

Week4 – The 1000 Sub Snowball System

In the fourth week, Andy Haffel will tell you a way to get your first 1000 followers on YouTube. There are 3 simple principles that you can use to generate quick attention. These methods are field-tested and Andy shows you with an example that these methods still work. He himself still uses these methods for his videos.

Week5 – How to Hire & Outsource Everything

Not everyone is a master at creating affiliate videos and marketing them at the same time. Especially for beginners, producing and editing videos can be extremely difficult. Andy Hafell knows this problem and introduces you to clever alternatives to outsource individual steps or even entire tasks.

Week6 – Money Funnels

To help you earn more money with the Passive Affiliate System, Andy gives you valuable tips on how to improve your Money Funnel. To do this, he introduces you to his own funnel, how you can earn even more money.


As a surprise, you will also get access to many more bonuses. This will give you additional knowledge about affiliate marketing and give you valuable tips and tricks to take your business to a new level.


To ensure that you´re getting the fastest results with the Passive Affiliate System by Andy Hafell i want to give you my video courses with strategies im using to generate a 5-figure income every month.

You get the Bonusbomber Package with my bonus courses when you get the Passive Affiliate System from Andy Hafell via this link here.

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Andy Hafell's Passive Affiliate System offers everything you need for a successful affiliate YouTube channel.

If you want to make money with promotions, this online course is just right for you. Andy Hafell's methods and information are field-tested and up-to-date.

He uses the same methods and tips for his YouTube channel. And success proves him right. With his current 200,000 followers on YouTube, he knows what he's talking about.  You can buy the course, use the methods and if you are dissatisfied, you still have a 60-day money back guarantee. Andy Hafell is so sure with his course that he gives you the opportunity to call the purchase even after three months.

The course helped me optimize my YouTube channel and generate more revenue. I made about 2k in revenue after 1 month of using the method on a newly created youtube channel.  The second week in particular was very helpful. You'll get all the important steps you need for a modern and well-converting channel. If you follow these steps and heed Andy's tips, you can make money with your YouTube channel and affiliate marketing over the long term.

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