Instaglory Review by Michael Kohler

Instaglory Review - Today I’m going to share my experiences with you about the brand new product called “Instaglory” by Michael Kohler. Michael Kohler got 105.000 followers within 2 months and made money with his special strategys. The course reveals his expertise about the social media platform and shows everybody how to be successful on Instagram.


What will you learn in the Instaglory course?

This course will show you how to make money and how to become famous on Instagram. Instagram secrets that other gurus would never tell you will be revealed and myths will be exposed in this course.

Michael Kohler Instaglory

You will learn how to pick the right niche, how to set up your account and how to get more followers & of course likes.  This course will also show you how you can fully automate the process and how to monetize your accounts to finally become successful on Instagram. Sounds good right? 

Why Instagram

Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media Plattform in the world right now and the engagement rates are way higher than on Twitter, Facebook etc. Success isn’t limited on Instagram because there are no audience reach restrictions known for example from Facebook.

Which chapters does the training include?

To give you an optimal overview the course is separated in five chapters where strategies are revealed and brought to you in video format. ​


I will give you a little insight into the modules so that you can imagine the whole thing better:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Michael Kohler is mainly welcoming you in this chapter and tells you what you will learn in this course. There are strategies that allow you to create a big and successful Instagram empire - the expert will show you how step by step.

Chapter 2: Picking the right niche

Many entrepreneurs are searching for a gap in the market - but recognizing one isn’t that easy:  This is why Michael Kohler shares his recipe for success in discovering lucrative market niches. After this chapter you will know what the most profitable niches on Instagram are and how your niche influences your earnings.

Chapter 3: Setting up your account

If you want to be successful on Instagram a professional account is a prerequisite. Michael Kohler will show you klick by klick how to create your Instagram accounts and which mistakes you need to avoid. He tells you for example what you should put into your bio and what you should not put there. Believe me: You can avoid a lot mistakes if you follow Michaels instructions. 😉

Chapter 4: How to get more followers & likes

This is one of the most important chapters of this course: This part will show you how to get more followers and likes - the key that brings your account to life. In the end the amount of followers and engagements you are getting on your pictures and on your videos will decide how much money and how much traffic you generate through your Instagram account. Michael Kohler will give you an overview about the biggest myths vs. the reality of growing your Instagram accounts.  He also shares his secret recipe for success in getting followers and likes.

Chapter 5: How to monetize your accounts

The chapter you were waiting for: How to finally make money on Instagram. Learn how to get targeted traffic to your account. You will also get to know the pros and cons of different ways to make money in Instagram. Michael Kohler will show you how you can start affiliate marketing with your account but also how to promote your own product.

Instagram beginner?

No problem! You will get a klick by klick tutorial how to become successful on Instagram. It sounds more complicated than it is. This course is suitable for everyone!  If you follow Michaels instructions you will have a promising Instagram career. 🙂


I will give you my Instagram Traffic Strategy where i show you my best working instagram strategies step-by-step. You can copy them and use them for your business!

When you get the Instaglory course here, you will get my Instagram Traffic Strategy for free. Just write a mail to and I´ll send you the bonus course 😃


My Instaglory review

This course is definitely worth it: After this course there is no need for further research how things work on Instagram. The individual modules contain valuable information for beginners but also for professionals. Chapter 5 was for example especially important for me. Why? Many followers and likes are a good base but how to finally earn money with my accounts?! Thanks to a great tutorial I was able to create a profitable Instagram business.

Whether you already have online marketing experiences or not - the Instaglory course will show you how to set up your Instagram accounts step by step and how to achieve great results. In the end I can invite everybody who is seriously interested in the business with Instagram to join Michael Kohlers Instaglory course and become part of the Instagram entrepreneur community.

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